Monday, July 27, 2009

Website coming along nicely

Well since my first post on the subject I have be plugging away at the site, making minor adjustments here and huge overhauls there. The mission for the past 5 days has been my gallery of portfolio images. I wanted to integrate a flash gallery that I could create in Lightroom into my existing HTML page design. Easier said than done.

Well I knew my layout and where I wanted to put it, so I made a few adjustments to the PNG to create "space" for the gallery.. looking good.. export to .htm all good there to. Now's where I was entering the unknown. How to embed the flash gallery previously created in Lightroom. A little help from my friend Nykie and we had it.

But one problem.. the once white background my gallery was sitting in was now a large box of grey! Do you think I could find the code in anything to change the damn colour of that bloody background? Numerous forums, tutorials, questions, hair pulling, tears shed, computers thrown through windows later.. I finally found a piece of information in the Airtight Interactive website pertaining to the code and integrating it into Dreamweaver, apparently its not a simple case of inserting the viewer into the document as that causes a "broken code" you actually have to copy and paste the code where you want the flash gallery to sit. AH HA!! a simple scan of the rest of the code and there it was the #hex number for the background a simple #ffffff later and it was white!!! So simple, yet its had me confounded for days!

Am so proud of myself :)


a few more tweeks and it should be ready.. now for the hard part, choosing which images are gong to go in there!!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

In the Pursuit of Happiness

I watched this movie last night, it was such a touching movie, it left me feeling inspired.
The pursuit of happiness, along with the road of life, are the two ever destined to become entwined? I don't want for much, in general I'm mostly happy with what life has dealt me. Yet there are certain aspects of my life I would wish improved. Some I have control over and others control me. So I guess I look at the things I have control over for now and hope by some small miracle the rest follows.

So what can I control? I can control me. There's a good start. I can control how much I put into my business, which will determine how successful I am. And that I believe is where my happiness will start.

I'm reading Anne Geddes - A Labour of Love and a defining moment that ultimately sculptured where she is now was one New Years eve saying out loud to her friends, and she doesn't even know what prompted this to come out was " I am going to be the best known baby photographer in the world" Well She's done it. I wonder what her goal is now?

So here it is folks, my goal out loud.. and yes I'm going to say this out loud for real, because I think I need to hear myself say it to believe it and to feel it.

I am going to be a great, no, a fantastic portrait and wedding photographer. I will be a success.

I am confident, I am creative, I have good ideas and no one is going to tell me I can't do this. Something my parents have always believed in me is I can do anything I put my mind to. So I am putting my mind to it. So this is it, my pursuit of happiness starts here, and starts now.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Moment it Clicks... or doesn't...

Less and less often am i rushing home after a shoot, be it for client or otherwise and immediately uploading my images into lightroom for a good perve at the pics. It used to be that they would be on my computer before I had fully got in the door. Now they can sometime sit in the camera for days before they even make it as far as the CF reader. And less and less often am I finding the motivation to do anything with them beyond a quick preset in LR before being published. LAZY. UNMOTIVATED. I use lack of time for a pretty good excuse lately. Im less and less believin that myself since i find plenty of time for trawling mindless pages in flickr, writing blogs about jack sh*t, and just generally wasting precious moments that before used to be spent enjoying looking and editting photos.

So where has it gone? Where does the passion go to and how to get it back? Some say start a project. Well to be honest I cant be arsed. So.. why force the issue. Ill take photos when I feel like it. Unfortunately, that's not always going to be possible right. I have shoots for clients that need to be taken care of. So how do you muster the passion and motivation for this if when you wake up in the morning and you don't feel like it. Bryan? Maybe you can answer this one for me, I'm sure its happened on more than one occasion for you.

I think I need to do some soul searching in the next few and really decide what it is I want and how the fack I'm going to get it, because right now I'm just floating around in this negative space without any direction.

Its funny, this picture of a complete stranger inspired me more than photos of either Logan or Andrew today. It was my moment it clicked.

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