Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Great Ideas

I literally have millions of ideas running through my head at any one time. Seems it never stops. Sometimes.. they are great ideas! More often than not, these idea when they get the chance to play out actually turn out to be fairly bad ideas.. or ideas I have no idea how to execute...

Take this morning for example.. in the shower (as you do) an idea pops into my head... what if I could get my website up by the end of today so I can put the gallery from the kids school rehearsal up on it and advertise the images for sale. (I was previously going to print the images and sell the on the musical nights in the foyer.. but that idea i didn't feel was feasible enough for the effort..).

Ok so here I am sitting at my computer this morning thinking.. right.. now where do I start? I had no idea. This interweb thingee is all just so foreign to me and just doesn't make any SENSE. I think about things fairly logically most of the time, and logic just doesn't seem to matter in this web world.

So I put out the yell for HELP, and who should come running but my knight in shining armor :)

So we sit down and talk, and skype and chat and after much fiddling and uploading and re-editing and re-uploading, I have a website. Not a complete website, there is much thinking and musing to be done before that happens, but the bones are there and even some skin. And I am happy. I don't know where i'd be without you Bryan! You are truly a one of a kind.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

My Worth

As someone relatively new to the photography business, its hard to define my worth to myself and justify it to others. In my eyes, I'm a n00b, so who am I to say my work is justifiably worth the money I say it is? And how do I establish those numbers? What is my time and creativity worth when I still question that myself? What defines me as a photographer? Why me over someone else?

So how do I begin? where is the starting point? At the moment I feel as if i should be giving my time away! Its hard to say to a prospective client I charge this much for the session and any prints will cost this much. I feel I should be paying them to take my work! I am not a salesperson, never have been and never will be, yet here I am in a position where I have to sell myself!

I have the confidence in my abilities, and my skill, when does the confidence in selling my work come in? I just assumed they would come hand in hand yet here I am, the bar seems a long long way away. *sigh*

Late to the party

Well, I know i'm a bit late to the party, and I can't guarantee that everything or indeed anything I write and post will be largely profound or interesting. But I thought I might make a start and see how this progresses. Largely going to be a blog for my musings and perhaps a place to showcase some of my work.

I spent the other morning at the park in Okahu Bay with Bryan and Logan. Two of my most favourite people to hang out with. I love watching the two play together.

I even managed to get an few nice pics of Bryan to add to the album :)

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